Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Oscars

I don't usually write about stuff like the Oscars, but I couldn't help myself tonight. I felt like I needed to share my opinion about the whole thing.

First, I don't usually watch award shows. There's usually something better on the Science Channel, for example. Well, I can't usually avoid Hugh Jackman when I see him, so of course, that's the reason why I watched it. Although, I missed the first 10 minutes or so. I have seen him host the Tony Awards, and thought he was phenomenal. Prior to that, I had no idea he was a "song and dance man." Anyway, I digress.

Overall, I enjoyed the whole format of the Oscars. I loved the way they honored the (main) nominees. I loved the tribute that was made to those who have passed on this last year, and the song that Queen Latifa (sp?) sang. It was very beautiful and moving.

However, all was not right in Oscar-ville for me.

I felt that the musical numbers were weird at best, and painful at worst. (Sorry, Hugh...) They felt out of place and awkward. What ever happened to a well put together musical number? And combining the "Best Song" nominees into one musical number? In the words of Simon Cowell, "That was DREADFUL!"

I am a firm believer that politics do not belong in award shows. I figured that when Sean Penn won Best Actor for his role in "Milk" that it would turn into something political, because that is who he is. I very much prefer my actors to act and not try to force their beliefs on me, or try to make me feel guilty for my beliefs. I have no problem giving the man his props for portraying such an interesting character, but don't feed me a line of Bull-Crap while you are trying to "thank the academy for this award." Personally, I could care less what anyone believes. I do have a problem with anyone who will discount my personal beliefs while shoving their own down my throat. But then again, I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion in life, especially in religion and politics, and there are some in this world who do not (like Sean Penn). [I believe that Sean's best performance to date is when he got eaten by a panther (ie: Black Kitty Cat) in Team America. - Is that wrong?] Again, I digress...

I liked that they didn't keep a running total as "Slum Dog Millionaire" won award after award. It is like a constant jab into the other nominee's sides when you hear "This is Slum Dog Millionaire's 8th Oscar" etc... And they kept everyone's speeches short and ended the program in time, WITHOUT reminding them to get off the stage with the orchestra... So Kudos! to who ever decided that! It was awesome!

Overall, it was a pleasurable experience, with a few uncomfortable places. I do have to say that I was surprised that Sean Penn's acceptance speech was the only one that got "off topic". Maybe that's a sign of things to come.

And Yay! for my favorite film of 2008! Wall-E won best animated film! Woo-hoo! I love that movie, and it deserved to win.

UPDATE: I just saw the opening sequence of the Oscars on YouTube. It is sad to say that I missed the BEST part of the Oscars last night. Who knew Anne Hathoway could sing like that. I know I didn't. Hugh Jackman is HILARIOUS when he's doing a number on his own. I loved that he didn't actually see "The Reader". That was awesome!


GeronimoDriver said...

Get Some Wall-E, Get Some... Hey Sean Penn! Can we say "Here Kitty, Kitty!"?

levengoodvet678 said...

My favorite part was Heath Ledger winning for The Dark Knight. I haven't seen it yet but DH says it was an awesome performance. Then his parents and sister accepting his award and his sister dedicating it to his daughter.