Thursday, May 14, 2009

Too Tired...

I've been working A LOT this week... So much so that I've come home, had my customary shake that I can have on my diet and gone straight to bed. This doesn't prevent me from being EXHAUSTED during the day...

I can tell I've lost some weight... How much? Can't say... I didn't weigh myself before I started this. I'm going based on how well my clothes are fitting now... Which is a lot better... Hopefully I can keep up the trend after the main restrictions come off regarding my diet next week. I still plan on having the shakes, because they are good (now that I figured out how to make them that way). They also keep me from eating too much during the day.

I just found out today that I can have herbal tea along with my water... Which is AWESOME!!! I have been wanting to drink something other than water all week, and herbal tea should be just right... It won't be coffee (which I have been craving the last couple of days), but it'll be something hot, so that'll be nice.

I am going to help support my boss's youth church group go to their summer thing this year. They are having a fundraiser dinner and auctioning off desserts at the end of it. My boss bought tickets for her son and his girlfriend to go, but they aren't now, so she invited me. It's semi-formal, so I have to dig deep in my closet to find something to wear. It should be cool though. And she was talking up the "oreo cheesecake" that she makes that they will be auctioning off, so that's what I'm going for. It'll keep in the freezer until A gets home and I am off my dietary restrictions.

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