Monday, February 15, 2010



Why does he have to pick a fight the morning he leaves to go back to work? Why does he need to make me feel 3 inches tall? He pissed me off so bad this morning that I didn't even kiss him good bye... I just deposited his luggage on the curb and said "BYE!!!" (with a few choice words thrown in for good measure). I know, this makes me a really bad pilot wife, but I get so mad when he treats me that way. I should just let it roll off my back, but it is hard when the "little" screw-ups (like tilting his computer bag in such a way that the candy in the front pocket leaks out when I didn't know there was candy loose in his bag) become something for him to demean me over. 6:00 AM on my day off does not put me in the best of moods to begin with, and having to deal with his crappy attitude for having to go back to Bethel is just icing on the cake. I deserve a little more respect than what I got this morning. I am not some dumb-shit moron who doesn't know what she is doing, so please don't treat me as such.