Saturday, February 13, 2010

Decisions, decisions...

Do I have my husband work for a company that I feel has questionable business practices, but will have him home every night?


Do I have him continue to work for a company several hundreds of miles away, taking him away for 2-3 weeks at a time, with the possibility that in a year, they MAY open a route down here and transfer him home?

Decisions, decisions...

I am all for having him come home... But I am not sure about the company he wants to work for that is here. If it is not going to be a good company to work for, then he just gave up his seniority at the other company for nothing... I just don't know.

I know he is extremely unhappy with commuting to Bethel, and all that entails, but I don't want him to take a potentially unsafe position with a new company just to get out of Bethel... I guess I'll have to meet the owner and see how their current operation is handled. My observations are about 2 years old, so they could have changed their ways... If they have, this would be a great thing for us! But if not, it would be a lot of worry on my part, even if he would be flying locally (maybe especially because he would be flying locally).

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