Monday, February 15, 2010

Ice Pilots

I heard about a Canadian TV Show from SPW called Ice Pilots. My husband heard about it from another source and found a place online where you could see the episodes, since it doesn't play in the US. We are hooked on the show and watched it constantly while he was home the last 10 days. It very accurately depicts pilots who prefer to fly older prop equipment in the north, not that different from what my husband does, although the planes are different. They even show their own version of "As the Propellar Turns" (my name for the soap-opera type drama that happens at a "smaller" airline).

Check it out if you dare! See the other side to being a captain (you know, the side that doesn't include a uniform - unless Carharts are a uniform - and doesn't reek of jet fuel).

Click here to see Ice Pilots!

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Silvie said...

My man already hear about it before and has downloaded episode 1-10. Guess I have to watch it now too!