Friday, February 26, 2010

The Attack of the Hedge Clippers (aka: Noni Naked Leg...)

When I have a chance, and Noni has the patience, I try to give her a hair cut. I've not been too adamant about giving her a haircut after what happened last year the night before I went to Chicago for the first PWC meetup. While grooming my dog, I stepped on her grooming tools and twisted my knee pretty badly. I guess you could say I've been pretty gun-shy since then.

Noni has been needing a hair cut for a long while now. I'm talking about her legs being a continuous hairball... Yeah, I know... I'm a bad mommy... Moving on...

This week, I've been giving her a haircut a little at a time. Today, I attacked one of the legs... Most of the hairball on her front leg is gone... Behold! This thing I shaved!

I found this hilarious. I'll probably leave her like this for the comic value for a while yet. Maybe we'll go for a walk tomorrow so the whole neighborhood can see her! We all need something to laugh about these days. Especially me after the week I had. So, enjoy this humiliating picture of my dog and laugh with glee! I know I will :)

(BTW, no real hedge clippers were used in the making of this picture...)

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