Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Travel Woes!

Upon trying to return home from Anchorage last Tuesday night, we were diverted to Sitka, AK due to fog in Juneau. We arrived in Sitka after 11:00 pm and stood around for a while to get our bags and wait for a ride to the hotel. We were advised to return to the airport between 4:15 and 4:30 the next morning... awesome!

So we arrived on time and got checked in for the flight back to Juneau the next morning. Even though we were told to be there at an ungodly hour, the coffee kiosk wasn't open and Juneau was still fogged in... awesome!

They started board for the 6:00 AM flight to Juneau at 7:00 AM... and we sat there and sat there and sat there... Meanwhile, in Juneau, Aaron was sitting on our scheduled flight to Seattle-San Francisco, waiting for the fog to clear in Ketchikan. When Aaron advised me that his flight would be leaving shortly, and we were still being told to wait out of Sitka for Juneau, I got off the plane (around 10:00 or so)... I rescheduled for the flight departing Sitka for Ketchikan and Seattle that left at noon, then went and ate some breakfast (and had some blessedly good coffee). The rest of the people going to Juneau were on the plane for another hour before they let them off to eat... It made for a very long morning for my associates that I was traveling with. (and they didn't make it in to Juneau until the following morning).

By the time I boarded my flight Sitka-Ketchikan-Seattle, Aaron's flight was already in Ketchikan. By the time I got to Ketchikan, he was already in Seattle, and boarding the flight to San Francisco. I arrived in San Francisco about 4 hours later than he did, which made my really long day, even longer...

Thankfully, the trip home was much easier.

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