Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Thanks to required repositions of aircraft, I may get my husband home tomorrow! He might get to fly a plane into Anchorage mid-day for it to be refurbished, and if so, will be on the last plane to Juneau tomorrow! Yay!

Although that means that I only have 1 day to prepare for the man to come home... I have laundry and dishes and other household chores that need to be done (along with some other personal chores that need to be done that I ignore out of laziness while he is gone). It's a good thing that I have tomorrow off.

I also have to fit in more time to work on my final projects for school. We reconvene for the final week on the 4th, so I need to have my assignments for the week outlined and my final projects drafted and ready to be polished. Right now, my final projects are outlined. I just have a little more research to do on some items, then I can start drafting. My new classes start on the 11th, so I'll have to devote some time the week of the 4th to prepare everything for the first week of the new classes.

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