Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My life consists of...

My busy life has consisted of work, home, school, PWC, Facebook, Nora Roberts, Gilmore Girls, Noni, Aaron and, for the last 8 weeks, Dancing with the Stars. This is the first season that I have watched from beginning to end. I only missed one results show (the one where Louis Vitto was eliminated) because I had a big project due that night. Every other night, I've been there with the dancers.

I have to say, that this season was one of my favorites. There were a lot of creepy moments in there (Derek and Joanna got a little too comfortable, if you know what I mean) and some really beautiful moments. I was not surprised with the results at all. I predicted that, even though Kelly was really popular, she would take third. If it was left up to the judges, Mya would win (based on her technical prowess). If it was left up to the audience, Donny would take it all. Of course, Donny does have the largest fan base out of the three, so there you go. My favorite, though, was Kelly. She pleasently surprised me. She wasn't the most technical, and I thought that she did not do "Crazy Train" justice, but she grew the most. Had she gotten the Paso Doble later in the season, she probably would have done much better to "Crazy Train". These last few weeks, she has blossomed into a wonderful dancer. One that looks like she has a healthy outlook on life. She brought tears to my eyes tonight with her beautiful Viennese Waltz, and her humility at the end. I did not expect that of her. I am excited to see where she goes from here.

So, now that DWTS is over, my life will be lacking an activity on Monday and Tuesday nights. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Heroes, but I've gotten used to watching it on the weekends on Hulu. I guesst that means I'll have to focus more on my school work.

On the school front, one of my recent assignments reviewed persuasive speeches. I had to pick an historical or contemporary person known for their persuasive speeches, and was given a small list to choose from, but it wasn't restricted to that list... I have always wanted to do something someone else wasn't doing, and was hesitant to choose from the list that they gave me. The first thought was President Obama... Not gonna go there (too easy)... My second thought was Hitler... I probably would have picked him if I could speak German. Not because I idolize him or anything, just that he was a very persuasive speaker. I wonder what kind of reaction I would have gotten if I chose him. I ended up choosing President Ronald Reagan. The speech I analyzed was his address at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin in 1987 ("Tear down this wall"). I found the entire speech on YouTube and watched all 20+ minutes of it. My life started in a time where the European map was seperated by the wall, but I remember very little of it. My most vivid memory involves our text books at school, just a year after the wall came down. Our school books had not been updated yet, so our teacher had us review geography compared between a year ago and today (I think it was 5th grade). It was very interesting to revisit the time when the world was seperated, not only by a physical wall, but by fear. How easily we forget things like that, and get complacent in our own lives. It was refreshing to listen to and watch a president who spoke plainly and strongly to the people of the world. One who didn't need grand gestures to make his point. When I watch a speech by President Obama, I get the feeling that I'm watching David Copperfield. He's way more animated than President Reagan ever was, but I feel like he's distracting you with his right hand so you don't know what the left hand is doing... Is it just me?

(Oh, and in case you are wondering, this mindless rambling is what happens late at night after a heavy workload, school assignments due, and rampant emotions and you aren't tired enough to sleep...)

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