Sunday, September 27, 2009

Keeping up appearances...

So, you will have noticed that there's something different about my blog... I was tired of the "blah-ness" of my website (yes, I just made up a word there... deal with it), so I decided to do something about it while I am working on the new design.

The picture at the top was taken by my husband while we were on vacation this summer. We were at Tacoma Narrows airport, getting ready to fly to McMinnville for the next couple of days... I believe that the words going through my mind as he took this picture were "Just take the *&#@$^ picture already and get your butt in the plane!" I think my facial expression conveys that message, LOL... It was starting to get hot and I don't do heat very well.

The background is rather boring... I couldn't find a background to go with the picture on The Cutest Blog on the Block, so I decided to go without for now. Don't worry... I will have a new background up (hopefully) by the end of October. With the changes for the PWC and an upcoming meeting for work that requires travel, I'll be a little busy for the time being.

On a personal level, I tried curling my hair last night... I'm sure my husband won't like it when he comes home and I am sleeping in curlers, but what are you going to do. I'll probably try it again tonight, and go to work like that tomorrow, and get some opinions other than myself through the mirror. I just don't trust my own judgment when it comes to my appearance. I tend to just ignore it, rather than do something that could make me look like a fool. But, with everything that I have to do for work, and the fact that I am a grown woman (as much as my mind still thinks I'm 18), so I should take better care of myself and at least look the part. Do you think I could "challenge" Stacy and Clinton to come to Juneau and help me find something appropriate for a board meeting with only what is available here? Probably not, but it's a nice thought.


Summer said...

Girl, you've got my vote -- you deserve a makeover (not that you need one). And I want to see pics of the curly hair -- lovin' the thought of it!!!

Vgerdeb said...

I like the new look - and the picture, too!