Monday, September 21, 2009

The joys of food poisening...

Ok, there really are no joys to food poisening. I had made some
meatloaf while Aaron was home, and ended up with a lot extra, so I
decided to freeze the extra to eat later.

Last night was the night for meatloaf. I paired it with some mashed

Well, it wasn't the best idea. I figured I was in for some indigestion
from the onions (which immediately started to give me problems) but I
was not prepared for the rest of it.

I was up every hour and a half last night and had a pretty severe
migraine on top of it. It is almost impossible to take medicine for a
migraine when you are throwing up pretty regularly.

I finally got some ibuprofen to stay down, which took the edge off the
migraine, but I wasn't able to go to work until 2:00 this afternoon.

Dinner tonight was some chicken broth with some plain rolls dipped in
it. Yummy!


Vgerdeb said...

You're not supposed to be trying to poison yourself! I hope you've already disposed of the rest of the meatloaf and that you're all recovered now. Take care of yourself!

GeronimoDriver said...

It was good when it was fresh.