Saturday, April 16, 2011

Poor Lijha

Lijha got what Aaron calls "the zoomies" in the house a little before I was supposed to go pick him up from the airport. Basically, she went into "spaz mode" and frantically ran around the house. She slipped and hit her foot on something (not sure if it was the couch or the bookcase) then came back to lay down. She started whimpering and yelping like she hurt herself. I looked at her leg, felt all over it to see where she was hurt, and noticed that her outside toe on her back left leg was sticking out a bit. She started limping and that's when I decided I would take her to the vet.

But, I first had to go get Aaron. I wouldn't have enough time to go to the vet before I picked him up. So, I waited at the airport. I heard the plane land, then I heard the announcement on the loudspeakers that the flight had arrived. I started calling his cell phone and after a couple of disconnects (because it was off for the flight) he answered. I told him to come straight to the car and we would pick up his baggage later. We went straight to the vet where she was examined. After xrays were taken, it was clear that she broke her toe. The one that was sticking out to be precise. It was a very obvious break too. Poor baby. She is now in a splint and is hobbling everywhere. She has to go back every 10 days to get it checked out (and probably rebandaged). If she happens to chew on her bandages, she has to go back in and have them replaced. She will be in the splint for a month. She can't run, and if we take her for a walk, it must be short and we must protect her splint.

Hopefully, this will be her "no zoomies in the house" experience and she'll be calm when inside.

And, of course, this happens just as she was able to return to normal activity after her surgery last week. (sigh)

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