Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mmmm.... Tacos....

My all-time favorite food growing up was Tacos. Not the ones you get at Taco Bell, but the ones you made at home. Whenever my birthday came around, I got to choose what to eat for dinner that night (an awesome thing for a 9-year-old)... I ALWAYS picked Tacos.

Why all this Taco bliss? Because that's what I had for dinner... and, no offense to my parents who started the taco-mania, but I have changed the recipe (mwah-ha-ha-ha)...

I make an "adult" version now, made with pork roast. Basically, I put a pork roast in the crock pot and add whatever the heck I want. I think that the last time I made it, I added finely chopped onion and garlic (but I forgot it while I was making it today... it tasted fine without it). I also add some beer to the crock pot... an entire bottle of Dos Equis Amber beer. Then I season it with salt, pepper, cumin, and New Mexico chili pepper. Cook on low all day... By the time you come home from work, your house smells AMAZING! The meat is so tender from cooking in beer all day long, that it just falls apart. Shred some lettuce, chop up some tomatos, open a bag of shredded cheese, warm up some tortillas, and you have an awesome and easy meal!

Serve with some Spanish rice and a margarita on the rocks and unwind from your day! The best thing about Tacos is that I don't have to put whatever I don't like in them. I think that is why I liked them so much as a child. I was a very picky child and wouldn't eat a lot of items. My picky-eating habits didn't matter on Taco night! Even if I didn't want meat (ground beef), I could make a Taco with just cheese, lettuce, and tomato if I wanted... Or if I wanted more of a breakfast meal, I could scramble some eggs to add to the tortilla. Awesome!

Can you tell that I LOVE Tacos? Tacos Rule!

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