Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring :)

I will soon be planting some annuals in a container in front of our office. As soon as the stores start supplying the flowers, that is... It's still a little on the cool side, but hopefully they will have them stocked this weekend :)

The glacier in front of our house is receding... (Quick - Call AlGore and tell him it's yet another example of "global warming"... Maybe he'll fly his jet up here to check it out!) As soon as it's gone, I will be able to start doing something with my front yard :)

Once I have the appropriate tools, I will be clearing out the back yard so I can put in a dog run back there for Noni. I need a rake, a wheel barrow (or other appropriate cart), a shovel, the cable to run from the back of the building to a tree, etc... We still have quite a bit of garbage back there from the previous owners and we never did get around to clearing it last summer... But then, last summer sucked so it wasn't a good time to take on a landscaping project... Definitely have to remove the "Devil's Club" that has grown under one of the massive spruce trees... Don't want to get the dog or myself tangled up in that...

It was such a nice day today that Noni and I let the hubby stay and work on the plane at the airport (he's trying desperately to get it to start before he leaves for another 3 weeks...) and we walked home. We may have to walk to work again tomorrow :) It's supposed to be nice all week :)

We've had more sunshine in the last 2 weeks than we did ALL LAST SUMMER!!! I am getting spoiled! There is nothing better than snow-capped mountains with verdant foothills framing a sapphire-blue sky. Not to mention the brilliant blue glacier that peeks around the trees when you look just right! I LOVE living here :)


Shannon said...

Sounds beautiful! Spring sunshine is always a good thing.

levengoodvet678 said...

Sounds gorgeous. Right now I am looking at it snowing. Hope your beautiful spring weather holds out.

Misty said...

Obviously, we need pictures! The view from my front door is a parking lot, and the view from the back is a stormwater drainage area that our apartment complex stuck an electric fountain in and calls a "lake".