Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Please don't lump me in with everyone else...

I am so sick and tired of being labeled a racist just because I happen to disagree with a lot of the President's policies... Seriously... I don't care that our President is Black... I wouldn't care if he were purple or green... I don't like his policies. That doesn't make me a racist, that makes me a human being with her own opinion...

This rant brought to you by the NPR exec who labeled all Tea-Partiers as "racist"... Is the Tea Party free of racism? Probably not... I am not naive... I know there are racists within the Tea Party... Just like there are racists in any group of people... To label all people that think the same way regarding the policies of the government as racist is ignorant. It is called stereotyping, and stereotyping is wrong... It would be like saying that all people who drive a Ford are redneck hicks!

I am tired of the name calling... What are we, 7? Yeah? Well, you're a doodie-head!


danette said...


(What's especially ironic is that this B.S. invariably comes from the same folks who are always lecturing everyone about how TOLERANT and OPEN-MINDED they are. Whatevs!!)

Jamie said...

LOL I love the Doodie-Head comment!
And AMEN to the fact that not everyone who disagrees with the President's "Policies" is racist. It's immature and prejudicial to label all 'free-thinkers' as racist. It's also lazy and ridiculous.
Thanks for the rant, I totally agree!