Thursday, February 17, 2011


Today is day 2 of Aaron being home... And he got to experience the same frustration I have been dealing with entirely by myself for 2+ weeks! HA!!!

Today, while making both dogs' lunch (the proper serving of dog food for each, but topped with cottage cheese), he stepped back right into a puddle of pee... That's right, folks! Lijha peed on the floor without alerting! And he thought I was just not paying attention to the dog or had mistreated her in some way so that she "forgot" her training... I felt so vindicated! He was flabbergasted! He kept saying "but she's been a good dog all day?!?!"

That's what I've been dealing with, folks... It's never at a "good" time... I've always been in the middle of something (as in this case, we were just getting ready to feed the dogs their lunch) and don't really have time to thoroughly clean the floors every 2 hours...

I'm so glad it happened to him this time! HA HA HA!!!

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