Sunday, April 4, 2010

All caught up...

I finally got all caught up from my week from hell (about 2 weeks ago). In celebration, I took yesterday off from school work. It was a relatively nice day, but too windy to go fly (comfortably), so we went for a drive.

We started out our day at Subway, to try out their new breakfast menu. It wasn't bad, and it was nice to be able to get breakfast after 10:30, the cut-off time for McDonald's.

After spending some time catching up with friends at the airport, we drove up to the ski resort here. It was a nice drive. I can't believe we've never been up there before. They are still skiing, but you can tell it is getting to be the end of the season.

After the ski resort, we drove around Douglas Island to the trail head at False Outer Point. We had fun hiking through the woods, trying to get to the leeward side of the point (to get out of the cold wind, mostly). It kind of reminded me of Rivendell from LOTR. Noni had a lot of fun running around off leash. She had so much fun that she worked her way out of her harness a couple of times... Not quite sure how she did that, but it was quickly remedied.

We took a lot of pictures hiking yesterday. Unfortunately, they are all on Aaron's camera, and he went flying today, so I can't get them... I'll post the pictures later :)

After we were done hiking, we went to lunch at The Hanger (a local restaurant here, not where we keep our plane). I tried their chicken burger, while Aaron had fish & chips. Lunch was really good. The downtown experience was rounded out by some gelato! Who would have thought you could get gelato in Juneau? Prior to last year, I wouldn't have thought it possible either. But it is really good. They don't make as much during the "winter" months as they do during the summer, so it was slim pickings, but I enjoyed my combo of pistachio and caramel. Aaron had mint-chip and caramel. Yummy!

We did go back to the hanger to do a favor for one of Aaron's forum friends. He needed to get pictures of a certain part of the airplane and it ended up being more work than anticipated. We were there for about 2 hours disassembling, taking the picture, and reassembling (several times).

Needless to say, my day off wore me out. After a hot bath with epsom salts and lavender oil, I felt better.

Today is being spent doing my assignment for today (which is almost done). Then I'll start reading my assignments for the coming week, to keep from getting so far behind. I should also have my medical test results by Tuesday, so I'm hoping for a promising result - something that is easy to fix. Cross your fingers!

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Sounds like a lovely day!