Sunday, August 23, 2009

Life is crazy...

I had decided shortly after starting my blog that I would be "incognito", giving initials for the people I talked about on my blog (friends, family, etc...) where A=My husband. Well, I have re-evaluated that and will clue you all into us. I will not be changing my previous posts, so you'll just have to "figure it out". I won't be using other people's names without their permission.

Aaron (my husband, for those of you following along) is going back to work tomorrow. He was supposed to be off until the end of the month, allowing him to be home (or at least with me) for 40 days. About a week and a half into our vacation, he got an email from work advising him that they needed him back a week early. Whatever...

His grandmother is still here, and will be until Thursday. So, I've worked my schedule a bit to allow me to spend at least the afternoons with her. Tomorrow, we plan on going to the Alaska State Museum here in Juneau. We also have some last minute shopping to do downtown. I think we'll have fun with each other.

I'll probably be doing all my after vacation "catch up" on blogs and the PWC site after grandma goes back to ABQ. So I hope you all haven't felt abandoned, I've just been really busy.

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