Sunday, June 14, 2009


I am so happy for my friend. She had her fourth child last night. Congratulations!

I have known her since High School. She was a sophomore and I was a freshman. She sat behind me in choir, as we were both sopranos. We became fast friends. We were practically inseparable that year. But, at the end of that year, my family moved 2 hours away. I stayed with her family for the summer. It was one of the best summers of my life. We vowed to stay close.

All the great things in our lives have included each other. My 16th birthday was spent with her. I was her maid of honor, she was mine. I was there when she graduated from vet school and became a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. As we've grown into adulthood, we have always been there for each other...

She has given me 4 honorary nephews. Her boys are amazing. Every time I talk to her, her love for them is obvious. It's in her voice, the way she says things, even when she is frustrated because of something they've done.

I wish I could see them more. I've only met the two oldest boys. Her third, she had when I was in Hawaii. Now, her fourth now, while I'm in Alaska. I miss my friend terribly, and I hope to be able to see her soon.

Congratulations, honey! I am so happy for you!

(These photos were taken around Christmas, 2004. The one on the bottom is me holding her 2nd oldest - who happened to be born on my birthday ;) - with her oldest leaning against us for the picture.)


Vgerdeb said...

Congratulations to her! 4 boys - she's so out-numbered! You're blessed with nephews from all sides!

lonestar said...

Congratulations to your friend, that's great that ya'll have stayed close.

levengoodvet678 said...

Okay, I have finally been able to take time to get caught up on your blog and you have to go and make me cry.