Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The end... or is it the beginning?

It's no secret that Aaron and I have struggled to recombine our lives after he started working back in Juneau. After living separate lives for more than 3 years, we both had difficulty in breaking the independent streaks that we had developed. So, after almost 13 years of marriage, Aaron and I have decided to dissolve our marriage...

Neither of us is entirely blameless in this situation... We both could have done things differently... But, we both also feel that this is the right thing for us both.

I would like to say that the pilot wife lifestyle that I am used to is not entirely to blame for our situation either... It just brought it to our attention faster than we would have seen without it.

So, new adventures on the horizon for the both of us... Aaron is currently exploring hobbies outside of aviation and hanging out with his friends. I have moved out of the house and am saving up money so I can move back down south, to be closer to my family and friends. As much as I like living in Juneau, the only reason I am here is because this is where he wanted to be.

I probably won't post much on this site in the future, as it was primarily based in my aviation world. I have two other blogs that I will post to more regularly - Getting Healthy (my take on going gluten-free and making other lifestyle changes) and Food with Friends (my cooking blog with my friend Jessie). Feel free to keep up with me there.

Thank you all for the support you have given me over the years.