Thursday, May 19, 2011

Have you ever hit the wall?

It's funny how we tend to block out the "bad" times in our lives? Like, how we block out the pain of childbirth after we hold our children for the first time (or so I hear, I've never actually had that experience) or we forget how bad puppies were after they hit adulthood? Or how the really stressful and exhausting time at work that comes around the same time every year really wipes you out? Accountants know what I'm talking about... We are currently in the "busy" time of work at the moment and I come home exhausted every night. Sitting and staring at a computer screen for 8+ hours a day straight is extremely fatiguing... So much so that I could not keep my eyes open when I got home yesterday. I went straight to bed and took a 2 hour nap. Woke up for dinner and time with the hubby since he is home at the moment, then back to sleep for another 8. I am still tired today, but no where near as tired as I was yesterday. Yeah, I hit that wall hard!

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