Sunday, July 19, 2009

Movie Review - Labor Pains

I know that I shouldn't expect too much from the movies on ABC Family.
They are usually stupid and campy at best, but have a cute story line
at heart. However, the movie Labor Pains is the exception to this.

I saw the previews for this movie and thought it was a stupid premise
for a movie. There also wasn't anything else on TV tonight, so I
decided to give it the benefit of the doubt.

First, I will say that the only person that they could get to play the
lead in that piece of crap was Lindsey Lohan, probably because anyone
with any real talent wouldn't do it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but she
plays the same character in EVERY thing she does.

The story line is moronic at best. Who in their right mind thought
that making light of someone committing fraud (pretending to be
pregnant) just to keep their job would be good entertainment?

And then, of course, they have to show the "heroine" falling on her
face to gain retribution. There's nothing like showing to the youth of
America that if you pretend to be something you are not (in the most
disgusting and disrespectful way you can IMO) that everything will be
aces for you!

The best part of this show was her little sister, who was the constant
voice of reasoning. She was someone with some actual moral fiber, who
told her sister, everytime she had a scene with her, that she was
insane and a liar and a cheat. Too bad our "heroine" didn't listen.
But we aren't teaching our kids about good morals anymore anyway. We
are obviously teaching them that they should go to whatever means they
need to to get what they want in life. Because it's not about being
responsible anymore, it's about who you can screw to get to the top.

I remember reading news stories and seeing news programs on TV about
people who pretend to be pregnant to get money from adoptive parents
who pay for the "pregnant" woman's expenses. Completely disgusting.
Not only does this woman commit fraud, but she breaks the hearts of
people who have very few options if they want a family. How can they
think that this is appropriate entertainment? Probably because the
woman in this movie was not screwing prospective parents, but
deceiving the company she works for, manipulating them for a promotion
and a raise. Not to mention the theft of store property so she can
pull it off. I don't care who you are, it is still disgusting.

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